A review of the Hornady Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant Progressive Press. All video, graphics and audio editing done with iMovie with iLife ’11 upgrade. Intro and en…
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25 Responses to Hornady Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant From Bulletmountain

  • Respecthebrotherhood says:

    Where did you get all the dies for it i’ve only been able to find sizing
    dies(im looking for .223 dies)

  • DRHODES1979 says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing. Any updates on the loader, things you like
    or things you’re not crazy about?

  • Kevin Lambert says:

    Seems like the primers have an opportunity to flip themselves the wrong way
    around when you pull the cotter pin. Have you ever had that happen, or have
    them get jammed up as they dump into the tube on the press?

  • Whitehorze says:

    Great video, what kind of accuracy do you get from the powder measure in
    this system?

  • hognut58 says:

    I just received this exact same setup. I wondered if you had a series of
    complete setup of the system. Im looking for any helpful hints.to avoid
    potential problems. Thanks for any tips.

  • 1JBTheGiant says:

    hey, can you tell me what you are combining in the powder drop spot in the
    press? I cant find a hornady die that allows for a powder charge AND case
    expansion, I feel like I am missing something pretty straight forward…
    can you help me out here?

  • bbtel says:

    Fantastic setup. I am a .45 fan too. New to reloading and can’t find the
    right “progressive” Returned a LEE 1000 very dangerous and not efficient.
    Dillon Square Deal is actually no better. Priming system is horrible.
    Returned once and still doesn’t work properly. Bypassing the primer system
    loading them manually works great. LEE single stage still works best. When
    you said uh oh “malfunction” NO machine seems to have gliding perfection or
    close to it that I seek in a progressive. RCBS Pro 2000?

  • Mattsplat's Gun Reviews says:

    Buy a good reloading manual. It will have information about reloading at
    the front and provide all the parts you will need for each cartridge you
    intend to use. When you buy your press it will come with information on
    which shell holders and parts to use.

  • oldscout7 says:

    Good review…thanks!

  • Seth Wilcox says:

    I normally go through about 500 rounds in a single weekend.

  • Efstathius Placidas says:

    I just got my Lyman 49th Ed. in the mail today along with 500 dogtown .224
    55 Grain from midway. I figured out on my own that .224 actually will work
    in my AR. Quite proud of that. What other manufacturer models exist like
    the AP with full feeding, single pull setup? Dillon? Lee? Etc….

  • panzer4u says:

    Now that you have had this press for awhile would you recommend it?

  • Tommy Rad says:

    That is bitchen! Very nice! Hornady makes great products. I have some of
    their titanium nitride die sets and I love them. The bullet collator looks
    like my old HeathKit HiFi Turntable LOL. I would LOVE to get one of those
    but the 1250 price tag, plus dies, powder, primers, etc… makes it
    something I will have to ask Santa to bring to me for Christmas. How
    accurate is the powder measure/charger? The Powder-Cop is a Brilliant idea!!

  • Mattsplat's Gun Reviews says:

    Thanks for watching!

  • olironlungs says:

    nice setup man..

  • Seth Wilcox says:

    I decided to go with the LEE Pro 1000, cheap way to get into progressive
    reloading, should be in next week. Eventually I do plan on getting a better
    one, maybe a Dillon Super 1050, as I load a lot, and will be reloading
    military brass.

  • Peter Carino says:

    Nice vid! What was the total cost on the system?

  • Efstathius Placidas says:

    I am brand new to reloading. Do you have to have a totally separate press
    for doing Rifle? Shotgun? I know looking at the regular ones, my FFL says
    you do, but he is in his 90s and might not be up to speed on the latest and
    greatest. Please provide recommended equipment, part#’s for doing .45, 9MM,
    .40, .223/556, .30 carbine, 30-06, 300 Mag, 300 sav, .243… etc.. etc…

  • Recondite says:

    I have a Tikka T3 .270, a DDM4 in 5.56 and a RA Ruc in AAC 300 Blackout and
    I am interested in reloading for them as well as my handguns, I wondering
    if you can use the bullet and case feeders for those rounds

  • Efstathius Placidas says:

    Or point me in the right direction so I have a better understanding about
    all of this.

  • chgofirefighter says:

    Wow, looks very impressive and expensive, I want to get into reloading but
    I have no clue as to what to do, buy or get. I’m learning though and I will
    be on my quest to get a nice press. Would love to minimize operator error,
    many options out there but I dont want a single stage press thats for
    sure.. Great video, thanks~

  • neutered10mm says:

    “Pardon the mess …” WHAT? What mess are you referring to? Fantastic video!

  • Carlos Silva says:

    Do you have a patent pending on the ghetto mod ? :-)

  • Mattsplat's Gun Reviews says:

    @neutered10mm It is usually a little less cluttered around the work bench
    but I had been reloading and stuff was scattered around. Thanks for your
    channel BTW I watched a lot of your videos when I was deciding what press
    to buy.

  • Chris Rich says:

    super fast but classic over engineering, haha! Especially the projectile
    and brass feeding system…seriously? I’d rather stuff my own brass in a
    tube and hand place a bullet than deal with that setup. The rest of it is
    butter! I didn’t realize how much little stuff slows you down. Very cool

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